Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Owner may rent to vacationers

An owner may rent his apartment to holiday guests. This was decided by
the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) in Karlsruhe, Berlin and thus denied a
homeowners association the right to prohibit such use.
Karlsruhe - An owner may rent his apartment to holiday guests. This
was decided by the Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) in Karlsruhe, Berlin and
thus denied a homeowners association the right to prohibit such use.
Suffered in the opinion of judges in Karlsruhe, the Community must
lease, unless it was previously prohibited by a statement from the
landowner or by agreement of all owners. In this specific case, an
owner of his two homes in one plant had a daily or weekly basis leased
to tourists visiting Berlin. The other owners complained that
increases the anonymity and sense of security in the building take
off. (Ref.: V ZR 712/09)
According to the Federal High Court is contrary to the rental of the
apartment to holiday makers not to residential purposes. They
accepted, however, that there are differing opinions in this Court. In
your opinion, however, it is not an illegal commercial use. The Act
prescribes not that an apartment should be used exclusively for
housing. Is allowed as well as the use of engineering design office.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Positive impact of unscheduled mortgage loans

A real estate financing is usually for the long term. Pass until full repayment of the original loan amount, often up to 30 years. During the term, there are several periods for fixed-rate period, which shall then be drawn up for a period of years, eg 10 years. A switch to another financial institution with more favorable seller conditions is usually possible at the end of such a fixed-rate period.

An instrument to accelerate the debt is unscheduled. Even when signing a mortgage loan should be paid to the right of unscheduled. Some banks offer their customers on contracts made with the possibility of unscheduled, in others, customers have to specifically ask for it.

But what exactly means the unscheduled?
The unscheduled allows the borrower to provide annually up to a specified maximum sum additional principal payments and thus reduce the outstanding balance.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

The most expensive office locations in the world

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Those who believe that Germany is in commercial real estate an expensive place, the times should look beyond the borders of the Republic. The real estate consultancy CB Richard Ellis (CBRE) conducted an analysis of the world's most expensive office locations by. Only one German city immersed in the rankings at: Frankfurt am Main. The capital took a total of 50 identified prime locations and number 22 is in the upper midfield. It is still quite difficult to find offices to let in those major cities.

Complications in the rental

The theater ensemble of the MGV Liederkranz Affeln zeigteb the piece no living with the income from the Ohnsorg theater. Photo: Mark Sonneborn

Affeln. Since the summer holidays they were rehearsing, the members of the theater companies of Affeln MGV Liederkranz. On Saturday it was finally over. "No living with income" hit the bull's-eye at the 200 spectators in the sold-out multi-purpose hall.

The start of the song were the singer with a ring for her rather unusual shanty. "This is what the singer rehearsed especially for the occasion," said Dorothee Fontain. The plays of the Affeln ensembles have actually a long tradition. After several years of stagnation in this respect, however, it is now five years since release. And the response has been terrific.

Also this year was sold out the hall twice, since the piece was performed on both days of the weekend. "For the lousy weather that's really great," Fontaine said of the songs table.

Comedy strained
the funny bone
Since then five years leading to the songs table pieces from the Ohnsorg theater. They always come back good. Also, the current piece was another tribute to the famous Hamburg theater, with its many popular pieces like that arrive not only in the Hanseatic city.

Also in Affeln there were in all three acts applause. The retired couple Ida and August Bodendiek is not exactly blessed with a large income and therefore will rent a room. While Ida finds a man as a tenant, hired August without agreement on a woman. The involvement comedy takes its course in all acts and strained the funny bone.

Rent real estate and retirement planning

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The home has long been the most popular retirement in Germany. More and more citizens choose now but also for the rental of their residential property to supplement the pension.

A study led by Postbank in conjunction with the Institute for Allensbach that hold 29 percent of the respondents income from leased property for an ideal retirement. Last year it was only two percent less. In fact, about 12 percent of professionals with rental or lease revenues expected in retirement.

Rents compared

Munich is twice as expensive as Berlin

Pedestrian zone in Munich: The South is the most expensive patch of Germany
Life in the south of Germany takes a lot - and it's getting more expensive. This is confirmed by a comparison of the rental prices index of 300 cities. Accordingly, in Munich on average € 10.12 per square meter due, in the old West Berlin is only 5,50 €.

Berlin / Hamburg - Munich is the most expensive city in the Republic: the rents, which form the main part of the expenditure of a private household, are there still by far the highest. And they rise significantly faster than in other cities, like Hamburg market research company, R & B has identified.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Laws repair expenses for landlords

Income Tax: Even with the forthcoming Finance Act of the Ministry will respond to a recently announced decision of the Constitutional Court.

Print Send Text Size AAA pinboard Comment From the Archive: Tax Lesson for the coalition (11/21/2010) From the Economics and Business Administration of the Constitutional Court (11/14/2010) Constitutional Court: foundations pay little tax on real estate (15.10.2010) charged with tax losses: Supreme Court reviewed Suspension (25/04/2010) Vienna. The Ministry of Finance selects the tax allowance for large expenditures by landlords a relatively small solution. Even with the forthcoming Finance Act of the ministry intends to respond to a recently announced decision of the Constitutional Court (G35/10, right panorama from November 22). The Constitutional Court has the current ban on carrying forward of losses other than business income, effective on December 31, 2011 as irrelevant and thus repealed equal unconstitutional. If the coalition tomorrow brings the Finance Act as a government bill on the way, but it is not open to losses carried forward for rental and leasing, but create a different way to distribute high expenses of a period over a longer period of time. Owners who have demolition costs in one year high "negative income" can divide these costs in the future such as for repair and maintenance work (according to § 28 Income Tax Act) to ten years.

Non-earned money taxed
The reason for the Constitutional Court decision was a taxpayer, who had suffered because of the cost of a house demolition in a year's heavy losses from rental and leasing, could compensate for this small but only in part with revenue of that year. In subsequent years, they had to pay taxes for an income, she has achieved not expecting for a long time. For the Income Tax Act includes (in § 18 / 6) from a loss carried forward at the off-the types of income, in addition to the income from renting and leasing those from self-employment, investment income and "other income".

The Constitutional Court has marked his decision in the now proposed solution to the already unconstitutional. It noted, namely, that § 28 of the Income Tax Act in its current form "for income from rental and lease contains a sufficiently adapted to the system of losses. Only if this were the case, but the doubts were gone in check drawn against the norm. "

Especially in relation to the demolition costs, the proposed solution is not so objectionable. The loss brought forward would be compared to the distribution the more flexible instrument: it is not time-limited (except for cash-based computers: you have only three years), and depending on the amount of income, the losses each year are recycled in different amounts ( to the limit of 75% of the revenues, so in any case remain 25% tax).

By the legislature should leave the carry-forward, he avoids it to open the Pandora's box. He would have to lay down generally, the conditions under which non-operating losses in the types of income are carried forward.